Family Gold

Family Gold

Any gold, yours or a relative's, can be used in or toward creating a brand new piece of jewellery enabling you to create a unique family treasure with many design options.

There are many possibilities when re-styling your jewellery, ultimately dependant on what you choose. Whatever you decide, the whole process is possible to use the existing metal to make a new piece and it is all carried out in our workshop. The metal can be melted down and reformed by hand using the original metal, or simply remodelled, such as a ring into a heart pendant. Sometimes it may be necessary to add more gold to the item, depending on the desired piece.

This can also apply to your own gold that may be broken or worn, this can go toward the cost of anything in store, such as a piece of jewellery or a repair.

We will listen to you and what you ultimately want from your sentimental jewellery, and we will advise you on your suggestions, because we understand how important and sentimental it is to you.

All new designs can be hand-drawn and/or in a lifelike computer version on our new CAD system.



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