What is CAD?

Computer Aided Design

After a few pencil sketches by our designer to illustrate our working ideas, we then use CAD (Computer Aided Design), which allows us to fully illustrate our designs for each enquiry for a new bespoke piece.  Realistic, virtual photographs show you exactly how the finished item(s) will look, illustrating each piece in a new realistic way. This helps you see what a drawing cannot always portray.

What Is CAD?

Computer Aided Design, also known as CAD, is a new piece of technology we have for our customers and their designs. As we specialise in bespoke and handmade jewellery, one of the challenging aspects is presenting the hand-drawn design to the client and then visualising what it will look like.

Our new technology enables us to present them with accuracy and assurance, our CAD design system gives you a 3D customised design capability, a vast array of designs, stones and metals, and also a freehand option to design your own piece.



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